There’s something about the Fall harvest that brings out our inner foodie-beasts. When it comes to getting our hands on seasonal produce and our favorite fall desserts, we can get pretty feisty at the local farmers’ market. Even if you prefer fast food over fresh food, there are even more new items to love (or hate) on the drive-through menus this season. We want to know what foods you’re willing to fight for: tell us about your favorite fall foods in this week’s Versus!
Voodoo Cutting Board

For the most part, we’re pro-love, peace, and all that good stuff. But we understand that every now and then you need to vent. Luckily, this Voodoo Cutting Board is built to withstand all those frustrations, and also serve as a useful kitchen tool - no harm, no foul. This solid beechwood board even includes a storage slot for an included handy paring knife, perfect for entertaining. We’ll be giving away five Voodoo Cutting Boards just in time for Halloween, so play to win now!
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We know you like to weigh in on the latest trends and happenings, and some news is just too hot to fall under a specific category. So we’re bringing back the Wildcard Versus to find out what you think is buzz-worthy vs. just plain bull. Tell us your thoughts on what’s trending now, and you could win a set of Help! bookmarks. 
Help! Bookmarks 
If you think you often get lost in a good book, you should see what these little guys look like. Perfect for back to school, these Help! Bookmark sets feature five stainless steel reusable clips that look like little figures stuck between the pages, with arms raised to keep your spot. We’ll be giving away 5 sets of bookmarks, so play to win now!
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This Week’s Versus: Hello, Sweater Weather

With Labor Day just around the corner and our summer days dwindling, it’s time to embrace Fall with open arms. As the pavement cools and the leaves start to crisp, there’s one thing we’re certainly looking forward to: Sweater Weather. Whether you like to stay cozy with bright knits or keep your wardrobe warm with accessories, tell us all about the Fall fashion you’re most likely to indulge with in this week’s Versus.

The Schwag:  RVCA Magic Wallet

It’s probably good advice that you should never leave home without your phone or
wallet. Luckily, the fine folks at RVCA have made it that much easier. Made of 100% cotton brushed twill, the RVCA Magic Wallet Case combines both phone case (various sizes) and credit card slots in one convenient product.

We’ll be giving away five magic wallets, so be sure to play to win!

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This Week’s #Reasons We Love NYC

…Because even NYC dwellers have friends with backyards & grill lobsters on summer nights

…Because this is how New Yorkers pimp their ride

…Because we love motivational messages inside the AIGA gallery

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TSB’s Favorite Music Videos

With the VMAs just around the corner, we asked everyone at the office to nominate their favorite music videos this year:


"Hopeless Wanderer" by Mumford & Sons

Kudos to Mumford & Sons for bringing in a great cast (showcasing the comedic power of truly amazing facial expressions) and for also being cool enough to make fun of themselves.


"Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities

I have seen zero videos this year so a quick search of songs I’ve been listening found this one with the band presenting the history of dance in an old LA theater.


"Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men

I adore this band and this song. This video is what dreams look like. Props to WeWereMonkeys who did the special effects.


"Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" by Tame Impala

Trippy man.


"My Recurring Dream" by Cold Mailman | Directed by André Chocron

A wildly ambitious series of nested tracking shots that takes the viewer through a surreal landscape both forwards and backwards beginning and ending at the exact same spot. In terms of sheer planning and execution, one of the most elaborate undertakings I’ve seen since OK GO’s “This Too Shall Pass”.


"Fatty Boom Boom" by Die Antwoord


"Safe" by Hard Youth

My friend Ron Winter directed this video, and it’s close to my heart because he tried to convince me to play the “love interest” by telling me I MIGHT be able to keep the blow up air mattress (THANKS, but no thanks). The vid actually came out last August, but I’m a little behind the times and I think it’s still a pretty good summer in the city jam, and is just the right mix of silly/weird.


Khaki Pants by The NSJ Crew | Directed by @BHughesStudios

After making my fair share of music videos when I was in elementary school… I can appreciate these kids actually getting theirs out there.

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Make Your VMA Predictions

MTV VMA Versus

With all of the excitement for this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards building up, we’ve been eagerly adding to the view counts on our favorite music videos of the year. Almost all of the votes are in, but we want to know which videos you’re rooting for. Share your VMA predictions in this week’s Versus for the chance to win a vinyl record collection jigsaw puzzle. Collection Puzzles

If you’re a purist or just reminiscent of the good old days spending hours flipping through racks of LPs at your local record store, this quirky 550 piece jigsaw puzzle lets you display all your favorites in just one frame. We’ll be giving away 5 Vinyl Collection Puzzles, featuring iconic punk, post-punk and New Wave Britrock, with artists like The Beatles, Bob Marley, and Prince, as well as a few unexpected surprises.

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Songs of the Summer

We’re big music fans here at The Stashbox, and this summer has been full of hits. Scroll down to see what we’ve deemed our summer anthems!

"Get Lucky" by Daft Punk
Because it’s fast-paced, fun, and French - a pretty apt description of summer, no?

"Trojans" by Atlas Genius
I discovered this song on Alt Nation on Sirius and saw the band perform last month in NY. They’re really fun and the song is catchy.

"This is What it Feels Like" by Armin Van Buuren
It encapsulates the perfect summer day. It starts off soft and fluffy. Sucks you in and makes you feel relaxed, and the gets you all excited for a night out with friends. It’s like 6 minutes of freedom. Amazeballs. 

"Creep in a T-Shirt" by Portugal. The Man
This band is one of my favorites at the moment. This song is totally my summer anthem because the chorus requires me to sing “I’m just a creep in a t-shirt, jeans, I don’t fucking care.” Enough said.

"Alive" by Empire of the Sun
It makes me wanna dance. I imagine being in the car on a road trip to somewhere far far away.

"Mirrors" by Justin Timberlake
I didn’t originally love this song, but now every time I hear it on the radio I get super giddy and have to sing along at the top of my lungs.

To plug a lesser known song though, I’ve been obsessed with “I’ll Sing You a Song” by Tyler Lyle! Or “Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face. I’m good at these “pick one” lists…

"Treasure" by Bruno Mars

"drugDILLA" by Gorilla Warfare Tactics
They give me faith that hip hop is still alive. And it makes me want to drink lemonade:)

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Oh, Those Summer Nights

Even though we’re past the days of school being out for summer, we can’t help but embrace the sense of freedom and adventure from our summer breaks of yore. We may have outgrown our nights away at sleepaway camp and replaced the Kool-Aid with cocktails and bonfires for rooftop lounges, but our summer nights out still make us happy campers. As we enter the last stretch of summer, tell us how you’re spending your summer nights in this week’s Versus.


Or not. We certainly don’t want to condone excessive drinking. But if you’re inspired by the great drinks of film and literature, this cocktail chart print is a must have for your home bar: featuring 49 famous drinks favored by our favorite literary and cinematic characters, this lithographic print depicts recipes of everything from Jay Gatsby’s Gin Rickey to Carrie Bradshaw’s Cosmopolitan. We’re giving away 5 of these prints, so make sure you play to win!

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Hut, Hut, Hike!

With the preseason opening game kicked-off, we’re already putting in our predictions about the upcoming NFL season. While we count down to Super Bowl XLVIII, we want to know who you think will make it all the way. Give us the play-by-play on your football all-stars, hometown favorites, and most-likely-to-fumble in this week’s NFL-themed Versus!


Because no football season is complete without a proper tailgate party, we’re giving away 5 sets of football inspired barbecue tools, so you can serve it up on the grill while your favorite teams deliver in the end zone.

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